Irina Allison, CEO

Irina Allison, CEO

I want to inspire millions of people through Healthy Recipes From Our Table To Yours.

I believe in eating super healthy and taking the best care of our bodies as they are the best instrument we will ever own in this lifetime!

I am passionate about creating meals from scratch which are highly nutritious and absolutely beautiful! Food can heal, nurture, uplift, treat, energize and inspire and every dish should be exactly that - flavorful, nurturing, colorful, passionate and inspiring to all of our senses! Cooking and gardening are my true meditations! Growing my own microgreens, vegetables and incorporating them into our food is my form of art and inspiration in many ways! I love to involve our daughters, Sofi and Ava,  in gardening and cooking together so they grow up super healthy and knowing how to take care of themselves and live life to the full potential!

Looking through labels at grocery stores reminds me how much we compromise in taking care of our bodies as many foods have added sugars, modified starches, preservatives, artificial colors and many other ingredients our bodies don't process well or don't digest at all!

I truly enjoying cooking from scratch; knowing  what ingredients go into our family food is a big deal to me! 

When I am in the kitchen - I feel like I am painting, food colors and textures inspire me to create pretty colorful dishes. My mind feels free and at peace when I cook for our family and plant greens and veggies in our garden!

I enjoy teaching my two daughters, Sofi and Ava, to cook and love seeing how inspired they get when they create something yummy themselves!

​Let's cook together!


Dr. Lorn Allison, Naprapath
Dr. Lorn Allison, Naprapath

"My first passion from the age of 9 years was the idea of creating a Human Potential and Physical Performance Institute. I am finally there!!!
My passions are learning each day about Mind, Body, Breath and how once all connected can give us the very best of life! I want to help more and more people with advice on Nutrition - overall this is huge in how we feel each day, week, year! I want to share new and old techniques on how to live healthier and happier life through diet, breathing, exercising, meditation and much more!

Working for over 15 years in my own clinic Master The Body in Illinois - I have seen so much and want to help more people on mass level to live their lives to the Full Potential! Wishing You and Your Family The Best in Health!" Dr. Lorn Allison, Naprapath   
  • Doctorate License in Naprapathic Medicine
  • Certification in BioSet Allergy Elimination technique
  • Certified in Neuromodulation Technique (or N.M.T., The Feinburg Technique) created by Leslie Feinburg D.C.
  • Certification on Bioenergetic testing equipment (electrodermal screening)
  • Varied and Ongoing Nutritional Program Studies 
  • Study of brainwave entrainment and meditation on health and healing
  • Licensed in Clinical Massage therapy with extensive experience in neuromuscular treatment
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Super Sofi Sof
Super Sofi Sof

Sofi is our 1st born daughter  - she is unbelievably creative with her hands and makes amazing crafts all on her own. Sofi is very passionate about fitness! She has trained in Mixed Martial Arts for over 3 years and is motivated to learn more and more in this field. We call her Super Sofi Sof as she loves strength training and setting records like a 13 minute planks and long time of holding her breath.
Sofi is a very healthy eater - this kid can absolutely survive on just vegetables and fruits....
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Ava Camilla Vanilla
Ava Camilla Vanilla

Ava is our Happiness & Positivity Specialist. This kid wakes up before the sun every day in the most amazingly positive mood. Ava has her mind set on owning a happy restaurant one day  - she already picked the restaurant's name currently building a menu for it through daily experimenting in the  kitchen with Mom. Ava makes the best cheese omelets you've ever tried and can't wait to get to the kitchen to mess it up while creating extraordinary new things on a daily basis!
Ava, loves meditating, something she must have learned from observing her Dad and something we have discovered from her school teacher at a parent teacher conference...
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