You can talk to me about any topic you’d like! In these consultations, you have the opportunity to share with me:

  • What you are struggling with
  • What you have done
  • Where you are with your health
  • What You health goals are
  • Ask me any questions you wish

I will do my VERY best to answer them. Please kindly note that if I have not reviewed your medical health history - I cannot make any changes or treatment recommendations as I would be able to do in a Comprehensive Case Study. If you are in need of a more comprehensive review of records, determination of individual needs, dietary and lifestyle changes - I suggest you purchase a Comprehensive Case Study.

PLEASE NOTE -  the 30 minute appointment will not establish any patient-practitioner relationship and I will not be reviewing laboratory test results. (If you need a service like that, I recommend working with me as a patient under Comprehensive Case Study.) The 30 min consult does not provide email consultations prior to, or after the 30 minute-consultation. I only provide email correspondence to patients who have established a relationship with me. This is not a replacement for medical information provided by a physician or other licensed healthcare provider.