So What Is Dulse and Why do I Recommend It?

"For many years I have overwhelmingly recommended Dulse to patients in my Clinic as part of their supplement protocol for a variety of health benefit reasons.Dulse is a Purple-reddish alga that comes from the Atlantic Ocean which contains a rich mixture of minerals. Not all dulse on the market today is equal!  While it is not all equal, and because I recommend it so strongly to my patients, I have set out on a journey to find a product that was worthy of my criteria.  It has taken me countless hours that turned into months to locate a qualified supplier of Organic Dulse, go through the rigorous testing, and to find a certified facility to encapsulate the Dulse so the end product is not only 100% organic, but can be labeled organic as well." Dr. Lorn Allison, DN


Dulse is jam-packed with a variety of Nutrients including:

Protein, Potassium, Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Beta-Carotene, Iodine, Dietary Fiber, Chlorophyll, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Omega 3 Fatty Acids


What Are The Potential Health Benefits of Dulse?

There are MANY POTENTIAL HEALTH BENEFITS that Dulse may provide. Dulse is so mineral dense that when taken in conjunction with a beneficial diet it may be able to positively affect the following… 

We are truly proud of the quality of this product we have to offer because it is:



 Organic Dulse Capsules




FAQ About Dulse:


Q: What dose of Dulse do you recommend for optimum results?

A: One to two 2 capsules 5 days a week ideally.


Q: Is Dulse safe to take during pregnancy?

A: As a Doctor, I always must say - you should consult with your primary physician as you make any dietary changes. We need to remember that Dulse is a whole plant food, dense in mineral nutrition and is a whole food in a capsule. In my practice -  I’ve had many pregnant women take Dulse or other sea vegetables to keep a balance of minerals in their body during pregnancy. I have found food based minerals supplementation to be better absorbed than a multivitamin-mineral tablet or capsule.


Q: How does Dulse compare to a liquid mineral supplement like Ionic or Colloidal?

A: The difference is that Dulse is in a highly bioavailable whole food form including enzymes and cofactor vitamins. This makes it a natural fit for the body to better absorb and utilize nutrients.


Q: Can I take Dulse if I have a Hashimoto?

A: Yes, however, but you need to speak to you trusted functional medicine physician because every case of autoimmune can be significantly different. I have seen Hashimoto patients who do well and who doesn’t on sea vegetables. Get a qualified practitioners opinion based on your particular case.


Q: Can I take Dulse if I have hypo/low / under-active Thyroid?

A: Yes, of Thyroid cases I see in the clinic - hypothyroid patients are the most common, these are the patients who do best with dulse supplementation. CLICK HERE to Listen to our Podcast on Dulse and Thyroid Health.


Q: I am a Vegan, can I take Dulse?

A: Yes, Dulse is one of the supplements I highly recommend to vegan and vegetarian patients in Master The Body Clinic. Dulse is one of the very few plant foods that contain B12 and it does so in a measurable quantity that can help meet the needs of the body. B12 is critical for health! Supplementing with B12 is crucial for vegans and vegetarians because it’s virtually unavailable in plant foods, where Dulse is an exception! Typically vegans and vegetarians have to supplement with non-food based supplements for Iron and B12 instead of a plant form. Dulse makes this so much easier because it has these nutrients and more that can help vegans and vegetarians meet their nutrient needs of a healthy body being on a 100% plant-based diet. I encourage you to listen to our podcast on Dulse, you may find the info helpful.