"Food Combining for Health is easy to Learn, Here's How..." 

"I have been following and trying various food combining techniques for about twenty years.  I have found, by trial and error what truly works in this area and what doesn't. Understand that this diet concept is not difficult, we only need to comprehend five main principles.  More importantly, use the first two of these five and you will be most successful at this and improving your health..." By Dr. Lorn Allison D.N., L.M.T. , Board Certified and Licensed Naprapath.

1. Fruits are NEVER to be eaten AFTER Grains, cereals, etc. This is the ONLY food combining practice that I adhere to without exception. Even if you don't follow any other concept, make this the one you do. When you first get started with combining, it can be hard to understand, so start with the simplest most effective step of the whole food combining theory---DO NOT EAT FRUITS or fruit juices AFTER or with GRAINS.  Most often, fruit can be consumed WITH Fish, animal meats, eggs and nuts and seeds without any negative effect.  If grains/ bread/pasta are involved in the same meal with any of the above proteins then fruits should be avoided unless they are eaten BEFORE everything else.  The only exception to this is dried fruits, Dried fruits seem to be well tolerated when eating with grains.
2. Always consume Vegetables or salad with any grains, bread and animal proteins...  The water content and soluble fiber in vegetables help the stomach and intestinal tract mobilize and digest concentrated foods.

3. Concentrated carbohydrates and proteins should not be mixed in the same meal. For example--Hamburger meat (protein) and bun (carbohydrate) Steak and potatoes, etc. This is a much more important rule to follow if: You don't eat much salad or vegetables with your meals OR You have a very sensitive stomach.  Proteins and carbohydrates when combined together, can be difficult to digest (for some people).  Because of this, they will sometimes sit in the stomach for long periods of time and dramatically increase the chance of having acid reflux, indigestion, bloating and even constipation.  There have been some arguments that this is due to the stomach acids neutralizing each other because of the opposing types of secretions required to digest different food groups.
This is probably not a winnable argument because most foods contain both proteins AND starches. 
4. If Meat and Grains must be eaten in the same meal then animal meat or fish should be eaten first.  This is due to the belief that this type of protein passes through the stomach faster than grain, thus avoiding fermentation. 
5. Very little or NO LIQUID should be consumed with other foods.  It is believed that liquids taken with food dilute the stomach secretions needed to digest efficiently.  It is best to start off limiting beverages with meals. As your digestion gets stronger, drinking water with meals will not be much of an issue.  Strictly limiting liquids at meals shouldn't be the most emphasized part of food combining for health and I wouldn't overemphasize this concept.  If you are trying to add beer or other beverages besides water to your meals, then you can expect trouble. So, by avoiding eating certain foods together...Meat and potatoes, hamburger on a bun, fruits with/after grains etc., you reduce the stress on the stomach and the possibility that the meal will ferment rapidly.

How do you do this? Try eating in this order... 

1. Fruits
2. Vegetables  /salad
3. Protein (meat/fish)
4. Carbohydrates (bread, pasta, etc.)

The awkwardness in this idea, for most of us, is separating foods and eating them in a specific order.  When we are used to the convenience of eating foods in any order we desire, changing habits can be difficult but extremely beneficial for digestive problems.  At the very least, try getting the first two right and your indigestion will dramatically improve. I know from experience! Two tips that make food combining for health extremely easy to implement...  ALWAYS eat fruit before grains, bread, pasta, etc. PERIOD! This is truly the greatest food combining secret of all! ALWAYS have a few vegetables at Lunch and Dinner or even a bowl of salad in addition to whatever else you're eating - preferably raw but cooked will do.  The high water content and soluble fiber of the vegetables can help predigest even the worst combination of foods.
Don't worry about filling up--vegetables never do that, just think of it as adding more to what you were already planning to eat. Generally, you don't have to be as concerned about these concepts at breakfast because your metabolism is at its strongest in the morning and food combining diet concepts are not as important at that time.  BUT if you have a very sensitive stomach, then you will have to adhere to these diet principles during breakfast as well.  Add Digestive enzymes to Food combining and get amazing results! Order Digestive enzymes today and see what they can do for you!