Hiatal Hernia Diet & Natural Solutions

The Right Diet for Hiatal Hernia Can Be VERY Effective

"I personally have used a diet for a hiatal hernia over many years. My hiatal hernia is now gone without surgery. Below is a list of concepts and products that have for sure worked for me and a number of clients that I have. All of these are very important, but it may only take one of them to work for you!" By Lorn Allison, DN, L.M.T. 

1. Sip Water throughout the day

My own personal experience is that water if sipped regularly throughout the day, seems to keep the stomach calm and can prevent the burn that can accompany a hiatal herniaand other gastrointestinal health issues. If you must drink coffee, please drink enough water, otherwise the acid in the coffee will aggravate your symptoms.  Try drinking a full glass of water before your coffee (not standard practice, I know) and see---this usually is enough to stop the burn from the coffee. Check out my page on dehydration effects:dehydration effects

2. Add Fruits and Vegetables to the diet with each meal

Even if it is only a little. This is very important and extremely effective at controlling symptoms of hiatal hernia. Even if you have already read my page on this, remember NEVER eat fruit AFTER grains!  It seems that fresh fruit and vegetables or salad have the ability to help foods pass through the stomach more efficiently and this many times can eliminate or reduce acidreflux, causes of indigestion and hiatal hernia symptoms. It is good to use some simple guidelines for this. Check them here:Diet for Hiatal hernia and Food Combining

3. Use Digestive enzymes

If you were to do only one thing with respect to a diet for hiatal hernia this is it. Get the full understanding of this here:Digestive Enzymes

4. Use Colostrum to control symptoms

When you've made poor food choices --- See my page on the benefit of colostrumBenefit of Colostrum

5 . Use DGL to control symptoms

DGL is an  amazingly effective supplement, read my page on DGL here:DGL for reflux, heartburn and hiatal hernia symptoms.If you have severeacidreflux or heartburn then use DGL and Colostrum together and you will get relief. I have seen some really severe cases, these people have been to Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins hospitals without relief. After they tried Colostrum and DGL together would be symptom free.

6. Manual tissue manipulation

There is a manual adjustment that works well to remove hiatal hernia. This is essentially a clinical massage therapy technique that pulls the stomach back down through the diaphragm.  I have used this adjustment many times myself and it REALLY does work. Here is the link forhiatal hernia self-adjustment.

7. Deep abdominal breathing a few minutes a day

You can do this at your job, at home, lying in bed, etc. No one ever knows. The reason why deep breathing helps is due to the diaphragm - the muscle that flexes and contracts during the breathing cycle. Many of us are anxious, worried and fearful.  These emotional states affect your breathing patterns and the diaphragm does not move its normal range, it weakens and your breathing becomes extremely shallow.  When the diaphragm weakens due to lack of use, there is a greater chance of a hiatal hernia, and the stomach may protrude through the opening in the diaphragm that is reserved for the esophagus. See picture at top of page.