Will You Be Sickness Free this Fall and Winter?

Will You Be Sickness Free this Fall and Winter?

Hi Everyone,

Well, its that time of the year again!

Actually my most favorite time of the year. Autumn…

For many years when I was younger though, I was unable to enjoy it.

When the weather would change I would become generally ill usually with some kind of respiratory issue by the mid of October.

Sometimes I would get pretty sick where it would take 6-8 weeks to feel better but I would be nagged by a persistent cough the whole time. All the while there were no lab tests or imaging that would show anything definitive and asthma was ruled out. 

Now my diet didn’t end up being at fault as many would suppose because I have been eating well for the last 30 years. Lack of exercise wasn't the issue because it would occur regardless of the intensity of my exercise regime and no, I wasn't overtraining.

It took me years to figure out what is pleasantly summed up in this quote from a PUBMED research article…

"...survival in demanding winter conditions puts individuals under great physiological stress, defined here as an adaptive process that results in elevated blood levels of glucocorticoids. The stress of coping with energetically demanding conditions can also indirectly cause illness and death by compromising immune function.

Now in my case, for whatever reason, this was a real problem.

Eventually, I figured out simple rules that would prevent me from ever having this issue again (and believe me that is an amazing thing for me to be able to say).

The best part is that the one thing (number 1 of the 3 below) that I attribute the bulk of the credit to is completely free and all it takes is a few minutes of my time a day.

So, as a Doctor, I teach these principles to all patients who have issues like this and many who just want to be better and healthier without the beat down that winter can levy on a human body.

Of course, There are many things that can be done but I have distilled it down to these main 3 simple Immune System supports.

Below is what I have learned and I truly hope that is of great benefit to you or someone you know. Of course, if any this leaves a question in your mind, Please consult your Doctor or Clinician. 

  1. Breathing Exercises- I started off with these the link is here… Breathing Brainwave ExerciseI also like the Wim Hof technique which has become very popular in the last few years.  Though Wim teaches this method with cold therapy the breathing exercises can unquestionably stand on their own. the Wim Hof website is here... Wim Hof Method
  2. Lauricidin (but only if you are NOT allergic to coconut) -One of the best immune support supplements I have ever come across - PERIOD.  My generic recommendation to patients is this:   Lauricidin - Take .25 scoop once per day for two weeks then increase by .25 scoop every 2 weeks up to 2 scoops per day total (this could be significantly less depending on the case) Instructions can also be found here on the Lauricidin website. I also carry Lauricidin in our store.
  3. Dulse (the sea vegetable) Can be bought in flakes, leaf, and capsules. I believe the benefit here is from the massive cross-section of minerals that dulse contains that support the immune system. Quality dulse in capsules or tablets was hard to come by for a long time. Since I was using it extensively with patients we decided to bottle our own. The link is here... Dulse Capsules.  I recommend 2 capsules 5 days per week for the average adult.

In most cases, this is enough to prevent a person from getting sick.

If a patient is still having trouble then I will likely use additional protease enzymes and herbs such as Mullein leaf, Thyme and Ginko Biloba.

Let us know what you think! 

Here's to your best health in a Fall/Winter season yet!

Wishing you The Best in Health...
Dr. Lorn Allison


PMID: 8987173


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