Homemade Tacos are the BEST! VEGAN RECIPE

Homemade Tacos are the BEST! VEGAN RECIPE

One of our family favorite quick but super healthy dinner options are homemade tacos.
We've discovered organic sprouted corn tortillas that are heavenly delicious, don't you love when you find the product that truly rocks? We throw on them whatever we got - today's choices are: our homegrown 🌱 alfalfa and lentil sprouts, red bell peppers, white beans, cilantro, onion and lime juice. Kids absolutely love this! Healthy dinner doesn't have to be complicated, right? On the contrary the simpler the better. Kids enjoy building the tacos themselves and compete who makes a cuter one, a bigger one... Hope you enjoy this simple idea from our table to yours - fast food super healthy style!



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