How to Make Your Own Kombucha!

How to Make Your Own Kombucha!

What is Kombucha and why is it so good for you?

Kombucha is a fermented tea; best when consumed in its raw, unfiltered and unpasteurized state! Did you know that Kombucha has been consumed for thousands of years? Not only does it have the same health benefits as tea, but it's also rich in beneficial probiotics. Kombucha also contains antioxidants, can kill harmful bacteria and may help fight several diseases.  Since the Kombucha drink took off - it has been seen on shelves everywhere - not just in specialty health stores. But are all Kombucha drinks made equally healthy? The answer is NO! Many manufacturers caught up with the trend and are cutting corners to create this product quickly while trying to edge out the competition. If you see words on labels such as "pasteurized", "artificial flavors and colors" - move on!!! Or better yet, make it yourself - so now, instead of paying $4-6 for a 12 oz bottle - you can make your own by purchasing all supplies you need once, for about $15-20.

We started making our own Kombucha in our home a while back... as a matter of fact, my grandma used to make Kombucha in Russia when I was still a little girl - we drank it a few times a week, sometimes we added it to cold Russian soup, and sometimes we would splash it into salads.

Making Kombucha at home is so easy, and actually fun and fulfilling! Not to mention, you know exactly what goes into your health drink.

10 Things you need to Make Kombucha at home:

  • Pint Jar
  • Cheese Cloth
  • Rubber Band
  • SCOBY (aka known as Kombucha mother) - can be purchased online from a reputable vendor
  • 2 bags of Tea - natural tea only, with no additives, colors, etc. Start with quality black tea or green tea
  • Water - preferably filtered water that you drink
  • 2 Table Spoons of Organic Sugar
  • Fine Mesh Filter or Strainer
  • Funnel
  • Bottle with a cap for storing Kombucha in the fridge

I bet you have more than half of the items on this list at home already. No need to run out and buy special bottles, new funnel, etc.. I am a strong believer that to make things at home - most of us just need to dig through what is already in our cabinets and we may be pleasantly surprised to have some if not all that is needed already! 

What is Scoby?Scoby is actually an acronym: Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast. Scoby is the living home for the bacteria and yeast that transform sweet tea into tangy, fizzy kombucha drink. I like thinking of a  SCOBY as the coral reef of the bacteria and yeast. Yes, you can create scoby at home, but to make things easier and faster  - I recommend you purchase one from a reputable vendor. It will come with kombucha starter tea - meaning it will be floating in already fermented tea and ready to transform your tea into Kombucha drink.

Once you make a couple of batches of kombucha, you will have baby scoby forming and it will grow into another "coral reef of scoby"  and you will be able to double and triple your batches as well as experiment with flavoring kombucha with raw fruit.
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To Make Kombucha at home:

Step 1. Put 2 tea bags into a pint jar and 2 tablespoons of organic sugar. Pour boiled water not quite to the top. Let the tea steep and cool off to the room temperature

Step 2. Take out the tea bags out and put scoby and starter tea in, cover with cheesecloth and secure with a rubber band. Set aside for 7-14 days. Try in 7 days if tastes done yet, if not let it sit for another couple of days. Why 7-14 days - depending on the size of scoby, it's hard to put a set time frame, once you do a couple of batches you will master it. For instance - in our home, it takes about 10-12 days...and at times a bit faster when new scoby forms in the jar.

Step 3. Pour Your Kombucha into a glass bottle through a fine mesh strainer and store in the fridge. Drink 2-4 ounce shots or more daily, no harm in having more! Save a bit of tea as a starter tea for next batch and set aside with scoby. Make a new batch of tea and repeat!

DOs & DONTs:

Overtime from experimenting I have found the following tips helpful:

  • Make Kombucha and store it in glass containers only, no plastic
  • While Kombucha is  "Cooking"  - store in somewhat darker peaceful place
  • Experiment - loose quality teas are amazing to experiment to achieve new flavors. If using loose tea - 1 full tbsp instead of 2 tea bags is plenty, strain when cools off
  • Use a wooden spoon versus metal when trying if Kombucha is ready while the batch is brewing
  • Be gentle with your Scoby  - it's a truly live "coral reef"  - when loved and cared for  - will give you best tea and will grow new "reefs"

Email us with any questions! Cheers to Great Health! Irina Allison, Master The Body


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