Super Healthy Lunch for Kids in 15 minutes!

Super Healthy Lunch for Kids in 15 minutes!

This fast to make dish is an awesome midday meal for a weekend or lunch to go for a school day (can be made the night before or the day off)!
Feel free to use whatever meat that your kids prefer  - chicken, turkey, beef, bison - my daughters like all kinds. In this recipe, I used fresh ground chicken.

Ingredients and Preparation:
Chicken Patties - Mix up the following ingredients in a bowl:
  • half a pack of ground chicken (8-10 oz - for 2 kids)
  • A little bit of chopped onion for flavor
  • 1 egg -for binding
  • a little bit of chopped parsley - for color and flavor
  • sea salt
  • just a pinch of spices - make kids smell the spices to pick one ;-)

Heat up a pan; my favorite pans are ceramic coated (no sticking, no side effects in a long run), I use real butter; scoop a large spoon of your raw mix and put into a pen. Fry for 1-2 minutes (depending on their thickness) on each side - and patties are done! These patties were not dipped into flower, however, you can roll them in a flower to create a crispy effect.

As a rule in our home, lunch and dinner are always eaten with some sort of veggies. To garnish this plate I cut carrots in small circles and put around cucumber shredded into long noodles (kids make fun of me that I feed them cucumber worms). I found that kids will try absolutely ANYTHING if it looks adorable and fun in their eyes, so I experiment with cutting veggies and laying them out in all kind of funky ways. Bon Appetite!

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