Case Study: Using Frequency To Treat H. Pylori Infection

Case Study: Using Frequency To Treat H. Pylori Infection

A young girl age 20 was brought to my office by her mother. In the last month, this young woman was virtually unable to eat anything without throwing up afterward. This problem was starting to extend to liquids as well.
Eating had become very discouraging and she had cut down all foods to the point where there was nothing that she could eat without having severe symptoms and now she was getting to the point where the smell of food was making her nauseous.
She had also started taking anti-infective supplements but she could not keep from vomiting them up. She preferred not to use antibiotics because she had used them in the past for a gut infection and had severe abdominal pain during and after finishing them, along with vomiting for weeks.
With all this in mind and based on her symptoms, the first thing I assumed was that she had an H. pylori infection. I ordered a stool test to check for H. pylori and other types of infectious agents like parasites which included various infectious agents like Shigella, Cryptosporidium, and others along with markers for antibiotic resistance.
We then continued with a plan, assuming the infection was present until we received results. I went through her history and found that while she was at college there was good access to fairly decent food choices, This included salads and fresh vegetables, fresh fruit choices of certain meats and proteins that were fairly clean and not heavily processed comparatively. Before this issue and while she was eating normally she had no particular problems with any specific foods, implying that no particular foods may be causing the current problem she was having.
So based on symptoms and her desire to avoid antibiotics we began treating her with frequencies for H. Pylori.
I had her run the 1st treatment in the office for 1.5 hours then had her come back in 2 days for the second treatment of 1.5 hours. When she returned after the 1st treatment she remarked that she was at least 50% better. After the 2nd treatment, she reported feeling at least 80% improvement. During this time the H. Pylori test came back positive, so we knew we had the right diagnosis.
After the 3rd treatment of 1.5 hours, she was symptom-free.
Since she would be returning to college her mother was concerned the symptoms would return. Not having treated with frequencies more than a few times, I wasn’t entirely confident myself her symptoms wouldn’t return so I agreed with the mother to treat her two more times.
We then treated two more times before she went back to school. Meanwhile, we did a second test for H. pylori as a follow-up and found It was negative, so the infection had been removed purely with frequency treatment after only three sessions.
At two weeks after her first visit, she was actually feeling pretty good, starting to eat more, getting her strength back and she didn’t seem to be having negative reactions to her foods. It was now time for her to go back to college.
Two years later Her mother came back to the office for a different reason and remarked that they still couldn’t believe how the effect of that type treatment for the infection worked so well. I agreed, except that now I have so many case studies treating this way that it seems almost unremarkable.
Now when I think about how there seems to be so much more to healing than what we know, it makes me smile. This helps me remember that the limits we have in our beliefs can keep us from seeing the truth that may be right in front of us.

Dr. Lorn Allison D.N.

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