Dulse Seaweed - Anti-Inflammatory Whole Food From The Sea?

Dulse Seaweed -  Anti-Inflammatory Whole Food From The Sea?

Dulse Seaweed - Anti-Inflammatory Whole Food From The Sea?

For many years I've been touting the benefits of the sea vegetable dulse.

In the Master the Body Clinic I have used in dulse as a therapeutic food for balancing mineral inadequacies and as an endocrine modulator, most notably for thyroid issues. These results have exceeded expectations, dramatically and consistently so. Listen to my podcast on Hashimoto's, Iodine, Dulse and Thyroid

To me, Dulse had quickly become a superstar-superfood, for which many benefits, patients and I witnessed, were not expected.

For approximately the last 18 years I have used dulse clinically and have not been disappointed once in the overall outcome for which it's been used.

Many times, it was in conjunction with an entire plan and may have played, or at least we thought, a minor role in health improvement. In most cases, if dulse was not present in the patient's plan, results were not as stable or effective. I have been continually surprised from the beginning of our use of dulse as to how beneficial a simple plant from the ocean could be in clinical treatment.

Many of the benefits of dulse could easily be attributed to the broad spectrum dense nutrient qualities of dulse... See our page on dulse - Dulse Benefits.

On the other hand, we could suggest that the benefits of dulse come from the mineralization it provides that readily replaces the lost mineralization and nutrient density in the foods grown on land due to soil runoff, overfarming, agricultural chemicalization and factors we may not even be aware of yet. Regardless, from my clinical experience is undeniable that the use of the sea vegetable dulse can have dramatic positive effects on human health.

So, it would make sense to me, that the body, having the normal building blocks for better immune function and repair, such as those consumed from eating dulse, would naturally have less inflammation. Now, the research is beginning to prove it. And, by the way, if you've had eaten dulse and don't like the taste you can get it in capsule form here - Dulse Capsules

The two studies listed below, illustrate some of the potential effects of dulse and I feel that as the new research comes in that there will likely be more benefits discovered of this wonderful plant, and it will give credence to the use of dulse and other sea vegetables as healing foods.

Dr. Lorn Allison 

We know that there is a growing list of foods that have anti-inflammatory/anti-cancer effects.

Preliminary studies (1,2) are showing we may be able to add Dulse the sea vegetable to that list.

(1) While this study was done with mice, its focus was on inflammatory markers, it has shown that anti-inflammatory components from dulse "significantly reduced tumor necrosis factor-α, interleukin-6, and nitric oxide in LPS-stimulated murine macrophages", In case your wondering, that's a big deal - these inflammatory markers can be absolutely devastating to health when out of control.

(2) A human study showing blood glucose and potential anti-cancer benefits of dulse. This denotes the need for study in humans to validate not just the antioxidant and blood sugar benefits of dulse but the potential anti-inflammatory effects as well.

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