Stay Strong and Healthy This Winter Season

Stay Strong and Healthy This Winter Season

This time of the year, Immune Function is Critical to maintaining health and a state of being sickness free. The following is MY LIST of standby supplements for the Fall and Winter that can  DEFINITELY help you STAY STRONG and SICKNESS FREE! 

I use these supplements not because they are the newest ideas but because they have shown me clinically, year after year, the ability to significantly help with resistance to common types of immune issues during this time of the year. 

Click the link to access MY LIST of standby supplements and recommended doses. 

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Dulse - Take 2-3 capsules once per day 5 days per week. Dulse is a broad spectrum trace mineral and whole food. It is considered a superfood, and I have seen massive improvements with patients clinically when they get certain minerals that are needed.

Lungs (Brand ProEnzol) - I recommend 2 capsules per day as a basic start to use with mild respiratory symptoms or as a preventative measure.

Lauricidin - I suggest using 1 to 2 scoops once per day for most people. This has been researched to be anti microbial, antiviral and anti fungal. One of the more effective supplements I have ever used.

Gi -Synergy - I recommend 1 pack, excellent  supplement for short periods of time if you are feeling under the weather. This is an all around but potent anti infectant.

Physioprotease - I suggest 1 capsule 2 times per day as a preventative measure through the winter months. Protease enzymes are the basic foundation of all processes in the human body.

Zinc Supreme - 30mg per day is a well researched dosage for helping to prevent and/or reduce the duration of cold like symptoms.

Magnesium - I recommend 2 capsules per day as a basic support for immune function.

Selenium - Research suggests Selenium is very impressive as a immune support against viral pathogens, dosing at 200mcg per day. It has also been researched with respect to the most concerning viral issues of our current day. Read more here...  Selenium

Omega 3’s - The research on omega 3’s for immune support is extensive and hard to dispute. 1500mg to 3000mg per day is a great baseline start for most people.

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