A Powerful Doze of Happy For You and Your Skin!

A Powerful Doze of Happy For You and Your Skin!

Sofi, my 9 year old, advised me this morning while stealing one of my lemon ice cubes: "Mom,  you should post this on Irina's Kitchen so other women look as beautiful as you Mom!"... "Awe, thanks little thief, I'll do that!"

Long time ago, a friend of mine recommended to use an ice cube in the morning to wake up the skin. She suggested that I wash my skin with an ice cube before applying a moisturizer...So I started doing that regularly and found this quick routine refreshing; it made my face feel like it just got tightened...but I thought I'd take it further... I  took a cup of water and squeezed 2 lemons, mixed it and poured into an ice cube tray....Lemon ice cubes are amazing way to wake up your skin in the morning before applying lotions, make up...Don't rinse lemon water off, when done - just pad your face with a towel lightly before applying your moisturizer  - leave the vitamin C and powerful antioxidants on your skin! This is an important one minute for me before anything else in the morning - making kids breakfast, school lunches, ANYTHING! This is my minute!!! Inhaling lemon in the morning is also so invigorating and just a powerful doze of HAPPY!

Did you know that...lemons are antibacterial, they can help treat acne?... Lemons are rich in vitamin C and citric acid, so they can help brighten and lighten your  skin when used over time.

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