Raw Bean Dip - Tasty, Nutritious and Truly Delicious!

Raw Bean Dip - Tasty, Nutritious and Truly Delicious!

Go WILD, Go RAW...🍏 THE BEST WAY to fix fatigue, bloating, gas, cravings, weight loss resistance and detox is to go RAW and SUPPLEMENT with Digestive Enzymes to detoxify and recharge your body with VITAL energy! 

RECIPE: Soak 2 cups of black dry beans for a day or two, make sure to rinse a couple of times a day. Put beans in the processor and blend with 2 cloves of garlic and a tsp of Himalayan Salt. Put the mash in the glass bowl, top with mashed avocado, chopped tomatoes, parsley and squeeze a full lemon over it! 
Enjoy this GORGEOUS, RAW, full of flavor meal jam-packed with nutrients!

Go Raw for a week  - Results are PHENOMENAL! We have patients losing POUNDS of weight and INCHES from their wastes, and saying how RECHARGED and ALIVE they feel! Make sure to supplement with DigestEasy Enzymes so that You absorb the MOST from the food you eat and RIP the benefits of eating way LESS and reducing cravings of all kinds! Click HERE to Check Out our page on DigestEasy Enzymes and What they can do for You! 


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