Nutritional / Allergy / Hormonal Screening - In Clinic Only

Initial appointment at with Dr. Allison at Master The Body Clinic are done by the patient providing standard history and health information called an intake. After going over this information with the patient, Dr. Lorn Allison may use an Advanced Noninvasive scanning device which is described below. This technology can help determine the best plan of action for patients which may include additional laboratory, imaging tests or with initial changes to dietary and or lifestyle factors. Most patient plans completed by Dr. Allison include addressing aspects of lifestyle, nutrition and dietary recommendations.

The Interactive Query System (IQS™) is a new type of intra-personal communication system. Its goal is to provide access to personal health information not otherwise available. The development of the technology was guided by the recognition that life in general, and human life in particular, is an expression of purposeful intelligent activity. The life-sustaining intelligence that we were born with has been called “Innate Intelligence”. We whimsically say that the goal of the IQS is to talk to “Nate”.

The process implemented with the IQS is called Interrogatory Biofeedback (IBF©). IBF sessions, with the aid of IQS systems, have provided valuable insight to tens of thousands of individuals. This information includes:

  • -Self reported evaluation of nutritional needs  
  • -Cause and effect of toxic stress
  • -Specific hormonal imbalance
  • -Specific neurotransmitter imbalance
  • -Various qualitative stress profiles   
  • -Qualitative system vitality profiles

In addition, the IQS is uniquely designed to efficiently investigate and track the etiology of acute or chronic stress.

One of the many powerful functions of the IQS is its ability to support self-healing through the creation of highly specific APT™s (Analogous Personal Transcript). The APT has been observed to facilitate the self-resolution of a wide variety of stress issues through a process of specific directed attention. The IQS should be the foundational tool for any health related consultation.

How does it work?

The IQS is comprised of a suite of computer programs that can be used to direct questions to a subject, and an electronic interface called a Q-Port. The Q-port is the size of a hardbound book and it manages the output of digitally coded “Queries” from the computer and then communicates the response from the subject to the IQS software.The system is completely noninvasive. The electrical currents involved are of the order of .000010 amp and represent less electrical stress than the ambient electrical environment. The IQS does not offer any programmed data analyses or “diagnosis”. It can however record the subject’s response to a wide variety of questions including self-reported sources of stress and anticipated benefits from various supplements, functional adjustments, or other remedial options.

The overall process is as follows:

The IQS consultant uses the IQS to compose a “Query”; the Query is transmitted as a low level digital code to the subject; the subject interprets the Query; the subject performs an internal investigation and analysis; the subject responds to the query by changing the electrical resistance of the skin at a specific location. The Q-port registers the skin resistance and recodes it for transmission to the IQS which records the response. The fact that this method works, as demonstrated by hundreds of thousands of beneficial sessions over the last 30 years, is testament to the tremendous power of this Innate Intelligence with which we are communicating. We call this specific processEDD©, ElectroDermal Dialog.We have observed that a person is able to reliably respond to queries a rate of about 30 per minute.


Dr. Curtin (PhD. Physics) was instrumental in the creation of the first Computerized ElectroDermal Response (EDR) system in the 1970’s. He has since continued to advance the theoretical basic of the technology as well as improve the scope and function of systems using the technology. The IQS3 is the most advanced implementation of the technology presently available. We are continuing to improve the system itself, professional education related to the IQS.