Milk Thistle - Wicked Look, Super Detox Effects!

Milk Thistle - Wicked Look, Super Detox Effects!

For Many years I have used Milk thistle plus many other herbs and nutrients to improve detox methods and get deeper into the compound effects nutritional detox. Since then, the research on milk thistle and other natural solutions have accelerated dramatically.

These days in the advent of the fast-paced spread of new, hot trending crazes in the holistic/functional medicine field, many of the old tried and true methods are being sidelined to make room for the latest and greatest trends. Some of these new solutions are absolutely fantastic, such as addressing methylation issues.

I just would like to reiterate that some of the old standby dietary supplements can be still wickedly effective. Milk thistle is one of those and is a beast of detox and therapeutic effects!

Here’s to you Milk Thistle, not only do you look cool but your wicked effective!

-Dr. Lorn Allison

“Silymarin (Milk Thistle) possesses a wide range ofin vitro andin vivo mechanisms, such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, dose-dependent anti-apoptotic and modifying cell transporters. Hence, it can be used as a promising medication in complementary medicine.”

PMCID: PMC3586829


Milk Thistle (Silymarin) has been shown to have positive effects on:

  • Hepatoprotection
  • Prevention and treatment of Cancer
  • Renal protection
  • Neuronal effect
  • Immunomodulation
  • Protective effect on pancreas
  • Preventing effect against hemolysis
  • Antiosteoporotic and selective estrogen receptor modulator
  • Protective effect against environmental toxin

There has been very little reported in the way of Toxicology and adverse effects.

Here is the Milk Thistle that Dr. Allison uses in the Master The Body Clinic.

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